Apple devices can get a built-in projectors

Three years ago, Apple has patented the technology associated with projectors. After a long lull in the website of the Office Patent and Trademark United States, new evidence that the company still continues to move in this direction.

The patent describes an invention which is called “Shared workspaces on the projected display,” is considered the technology involves the integration in iOS-device compact projectors. This will allow users to display visual information to each other with their gadgets and control presentations using gestures.

The technology uses a built-in camera that recognizes the shadows and silhouettes created by gestures in the projected areas. Will also be supported from several display devices. This means that with the use of gestures, users can share and exchange images projected from multiple gadgets.

Of course, today there are many accessories that can turn your iPhone into a miniature projector. However, if Apple itself wants to implement this technology in their devices, and even to supplement it with useful software features, there is no doubt that with the help of these tools, we will be able to do more than just print on the wall a picture with the phone’s screen.

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