How does the time-lapse mode on iPhone 5s


Many owners of “iPhones” use the phone as their main camera. The new flagship iPhone 5s offers a number of improvements, which means a giant leap forward for the camera of a mobile device.

Resolution iSight – the same 8 megapixels, but the photos are better due to the fact that the matrix has become more iPhone 5s by 15%, and optics has an aperture F2.2. Also, Apple has improved the flash smartphone. What the company calls the «True Tone» – two LEDs with different colors. They work with varying intensity so as to adapt to the ambient light. LED-diodes can display up to 1,000 different color combinations.

In addition, iPhone 5s boasts continuous shooting function, which creates 10 frames per second and automatically determines the best shots. Another unique feature of the new iPhone camera is the ability to make high-quality video at high speed. This makes it possible to create interesting videos where everything is happening in slow motion, like in some frames from the movie The Matrix. The feature is called Slow-Mo.

Special time-lapse mode is only available for the camera iPhone 5s. When activated smartphone shoots video at 120 frames per second. As before, the videos are recorded in stereo. During normal playback, the video Slow-Mo slow-motion effect is obtained. And, after recording, you can select a point in the video, which will be played in a mode «Slow Motion». Settlement of these clips is limited to 720p (1280 × 720 pixels).

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