Xbox One is not designed for operation in an upright position

It turns out that unlike Xbox One of the current console generation is not only in architecture but also in the fact that the console just do not designed to operate in a vertical position. While all the consoles from Sony, including PS4, can work both horizontally and vertically, the console from Microsoft can not do that. Naturally, no one can stop you put the console as much as you want, but Albert Panella, general manager, Microsoft Xbox, states that it will make you “at your own risk.”

The reason for this is not in the cooling system, as many assumed, and Blu-ray drive. Microsoft banal provided an opportunity to work in an upright position so that the guarantee that it will work, no.

Microsoft also claims that very few people put the console vertically – on their data horizontally installed the Xbox 360 as much as 80% of users. Does this mean that 20% of potential buyers will be upset because of this fact? It is unlikely, however, the fact that the console will not be able to put as much as you want, is not happy.

For those who still want to put the console, rather than putting it should be remembered that it costs $ 500 and take a chance on such a price – not the best idea.

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