The Apple brand is recognized as the best in terms of smart phones, tablets and computers

Apple has earned the highest coefficient reputation among American companies, overtaking its competitors. Food Corporation of Cupertino was in first place in three categories : The best smart phones, tablets and best best computers.

To rank the experts interviewed 38,500 people in the U.S. in terms of their relationship to the 1500 brand in 155 categories. According to the study, Apple products have bypassed all the competitors, including the products of companies HP, Dell and Sony in the category of computers, Google and Samsung in the category of tablets, as well as HTC, LG and Samsung in the category of cell phones.

“Products Apple, which is perceived by Americans and as a technology company, and as a manufacturer of consumer products that have the highest rating in the industry” – said vice-president Manny Flores. – Consumers perceive the future of Apple as a brand that has great prospects in the global IT-industry.”

HP has become the best in the category of printers, and the site leads the ranking of computer electronics retailers. Verizon recognized as the best mobile network operator and a prepaid system.

Top brands in the category of tablets:

  • Line Apple iPad
  • Ruler Kindle Fire
  • Google Nexus line
  • Samsung Galaxy line
  • Ruler HP Slate

Top brands in the category of mobile phones:

  • Apple iPhone
  • HTC Phone
  • Samsung Phone
  • LG Phone

Top brands in the category of computers:

  • Apple
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • Dell
  • Sony

Experts Harris Interactive survey conducted annually. The company says that in today’s world, a high level of consumer confidence and corporate reputation are the most important competitive advantage for companies.

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