Apple demanded Samsung $ 30 – $ 40 for each sold smart phone and tablet

Apple and Samsung continue to seek a way out of the protracted conflict. Last summer, the company held a meeting at the request of the judge leading the proceedings between them in California. And in May of that year, held talks director general of corporations. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his colleague Ji-Sung Choi of Samsung is not able to come to an agreement that would allow to settle patent conflict between the parties.

Observers Korea Times found that the recent talks between Samsung and Apple in July of this year have been curtailed because of the draconian requirements of the company from Cupertino. Samsung allegedly tried to enter the manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad cross-licensing agreement, but the U.S. side demanded that Koreans pay $ 30 for every smartphone sold, and $ 40 – per tablet.

This is much more accepted in the mobile payments industry, says Korea Times. For comparison, HTC pays only $ 5 for each device sold. And, given the volume of sales flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4, $ 30 will turn to Samsung, at least $ 600 million.

In addition, Apple claimed Samsung’s signing “against cloning”, which would not allow us in the future, copy the design of “apple” gadgets According to journalists Korea Times.

Fight that continues between the two giants, reflects the struggle for dominance in the mobile industry between the two rivals who control a total of more than half of global sales of smartphones.

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