System scrolling text reading speed accordingly by

System scrolling text reading speed accordingly by

System scrolling text reading speed accordingly by

This can for someone to really be the First World problem to be solved here now and immediately. Discard sarcastic remarks aside, because the use of a mouse or the arrow keys to browse the computer text blocks is something more difficulties inconvenience. You will, of course, for the most part it will seem ridiculous and absurd, but think about those who do not allow the upper limb amputation or both, or at least parts of them. It seems that your opinion will change immediately. That’s why scientists from Saarlandskogo University in Germany and the German Research Centre, studied especially Artificial Intelligence, designed a kind of similar teleprompter system that automatically scrolls the text according to the degree of how it is read.

The system is based on a pair of commercially available tracking eye movement points and the software running on the computer. Those glasses are two cameras. The first of them – an infrared camera, which is aimed at the user’s eye. The other is towards the screen. During that, as the first of the camera tracks the user’s eye movement and the direction of his gaze, the other determines exactly where the user is looking. Thus provides timely flipping pages and scrolling text on.

The software, in turn, is engaged scrolling text to focus on a specific area on the screen. Because the system operates in real time, the speed of scrolling or turning will increase or decrease, as the user then reads faster or slower.

Currently, up to 3 people at a time can use the system on a single screen, a large dormitory, with each separate window, will be displayed.

Source: Gizmag

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