At Audi used hydraulic exoskeletons

At Audi used hydraulic exoskeletons

At Audi used hydraulic exoskeletons

Audi is trying to provide a good environment for their employees. In particular, the company now plans to help those employees who have to stand on my feet for 8 hours a day. For this guide has entered into an agreement with the Swiss startup Noonee, developed a hydraulic exoskeleton.

This exoskeleton helps not only stand, but also work in other states, because workers often have to bend, to stand on all fours, to bend in different directions. In addition, with the help of the exoskeleton can just sit back, straight in an ordinary chair. According to the developer of the system to sit with the help of the exoskeleton is very simple, and feelings are about the same as when sitting on a bar stool.

Note that this does not add strength exoskeleton employees, as do other systems. But the opportunity to sit anywhere and anytime useful both workers and doctors, hunters, tourists, farmers. Startup, except Audi, now enters into contracts with other companies who are interested in the development of the exoskeleton.

Source: Compositestoday

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