Success depends on iOS 7 developers

The impact that the operating system has on the development of mobile applications market this year will be most noticeable in the ecosystem that is Apple. First of all, it will affect the developers, who are currently engaged in re-registration of their applications to become iOS 7.

All is good, but so is a significant change in iOS entail certain problems both for developers and for you and me – ordinary users. Primarily, the radically new design of the system. This difference causes the developers to refresh the look on their application.

Previously, we have you told about the survey , conducted with the developers of the portal, by which we found out that 52% of apps will soon stop supporting iOS 6 and older versions of the system. This can only mean only that iOS is going through a very important period for her. This period will affect all sides: and the very Apple, and developers and users who have been complaining about the outdated in every sense of iOS.

Apple sets the standard for building applications and now it affects only that, how stable would iOS 7 in later betas and, as a result, in the final, release version. Once Apple releases iOS, responsible for the system will take the developers who, judging by the results of the survey, willing to work hard. Now the development of the system will depend on the success of the updated applications and how these applications will be accepted by users. Well, thanks to the results, which brings the development of applications for iOS, we can expect that developers will not let Apple.

By the way, it should be noted that this survey is carried out for a few months before the announcement of iOS 7. It is therefore reasonable to assume that in the near future the number of developers who are ready to stop supporting iOS 6 and older versions in their applications to increase. That is why I believe that many of our readers should update their iPhone 3G / 3GS, so feel the full experience of work with the new OS 7 and applications over which currently employs thousands of developers.

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