Google and Apple have teamed up to make mankind immortal

Powerful corporations have found good use of its potential – Google, with support from Apple, launches project to fight the aging of the human body . Startup «Calico» will deal with the issues of age ailments of the human genome and other factors affecting the life of people.

The magazine «Time» describes a new project in the spirit of «Google defies death,” but CEO Larry Page (Larry Page), puts it more objectively. On his page on the social network Google+ , he briefly described , what will the new subsidiary company IT- giant named «Calico».

Today, humanity finds aging and death are inescapable phenomenon that invariably will destroy all of us and our loved ones. However, the bold initiatives in the field of biotechnology and health care can improve the lives of millions of people and give new hope.

In the list of priorities for a startup Paige shows a case study of senile dementia and combating diseases of the musculoskeletal system of the person . In addition , the company will pay close attention to all the types of diseases that are characterized by excessively high levels of mortality. Specific details of the publication of Larry Page is no different, on the contrary, he avoids specifics and points out that the main thing in this venture – to be patient . The first real success in «Calico» will be able to achieve only a couple of decades , just work begins today.

Larry PeydzhPeydzh denies – similar move by Google may make fans of the corporation and its partners a lot of questions and they have a right to get answers . But it will be later, but for now it can only assure you that the cost of development of the project «Calico» will not lay a heavy burden on the budget of the company. We have a huge potential of biotechnology and Google intends to develop them as well as the rest of their non-core projects – in parallel with the functioning of the role of the main search engines.

The head of the newly-made company named Art Levinson (Art Levinson), today occupies the post of head of government other IT- giant corporation Apple. The candidacy of an ideal – Doctor biochemical sciences, the author of dozens of articles , the former chairman and current member of the Board of «Genentech». Prior to joining Apple , Mr. Levinson has participated in the development of many types of drugs and is considered a luminary in the field. By the way, his new job , he is going to combine with the current duties – Art Levinson, one of the few who can handle the job.

Art LevinsonTim Cook, Apple, gave official approval and commented on the appointment to the post of head of the Levinson «Calico». According to him, art is that crazy , that despite all the prejudices can cope with the high mission.

“Too many good people are unable to live long and enjoy life because of the disease – it needs to be fixed.”

Perhaps Mr. Cook also invest personal funds into the project «Calico», as is already done Levinson and Paige . The latter has an extra incentive – 40 -year-old senior manager in May of this year, admitted that he is seriously ill and is suffering from a paralysis of the vocal cords . This creates problems with breathing and prevents the talk that has been repeatedly noted by journalists during public performances, the executive director of Google.

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