Sony: PlayStation 4 can not be used as a media server

Sony has in its official blog in the final version of the list of questions and answers stated that users will not be able to use a PlayStation 4 in the role of the media server.

In the FAQ also says that the new generation of game consoles Sony does not support DLNA. Thus, the playback of streaming video can be forgotten. Another disappointment was that the PlayStation 4 may not be used for playing music or video. Recall that its predecessor – PlayStation 3, supports DLNA-connection and allows users to access media content stored on your PC, directly from the menu.

Not so long ago, Microsoft said that Xbox One does not supports Windows Media Center Extender, which could provide the ability to connect multiple devices to the console running of Windows. Support for DLNA in Xbox One at the moment is also unknown.

Recall the other day Sony told in more detail about how to share the games for the PlayStation 4 .

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