Oppo N1 will be announced after 3 days?


Judging by the number of rumors about the smartphone Oppo N1 recently, it was assumed that the announcement of the new leader of the Chinese manufacturer will happen in the near future, but we have not even imagined it would happen so soon. On its website the company has posted a countdown timer with the text “something wonderful will happen in …”. Huge inscription “OPPO N1” at the top of the page and hashtag with the same text at the bottom clearly hinted that it will be the announcement of this device, which should be camera phone with an unusual detail – a touch pad at the back.

Looking at the counter, it is easy to calculate that it is nulled evening of August 31. It seems that the company did not assign a press conference (we hope that there is no error), and intends to present a new product line that looks a little strange. To the category of assumptions include the fact that, according to foreign resources with which we are inclined to agree smartphone will be sold at the end of September. This is indicated by the inscription “opportunities will be opened on September 23,” that even indirectly (as is usually the case in the teasers), but hints at the release of the device in the day.

The wait is very long, and, apparently, Oppo N1 will be the first gadget in the autumn series of announcements – we expect that the following will be presented to devices such as Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy Note III, LG G Pad 8.3, and many others .

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