Smartphone Geeksphone Revolution allows you to run Android and Firefox OS

Geeksphone company announced its intention to release a smartphone called the Revolution. Feature of this device is the ability to select the operating system: Android or Firefox OS.

While the technical specifications are not disclosed. Judging by the picture on the website of the company , developers are still making plans on the final characteristics of the device. So far we only know that there is enough processor performance. A spokesman Geeksphone, Smartphone Revolution can be ordered with the operating system Android or Firefox OS. Also available for advanced users the ability to install ROM running Mozilla on Android. It is expected that this model will be the most complete solution with Firefox OS, previous versions of the device is a budget-oriented emerging markets.

Price smartphone Geeksphone Revolution will be about € 300. Starting date of its sales are not disclosed. It also reported that those customers who pre-order model to Peak +, but could not get it because of the disruption of supplies of components, get in return Revolution device at no additional cost. Recall price smartphone Peak + pre-order of € 149.

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