“Smart” bracelet AIRO substitute trainer and nutritionist

These days, the stores can meet a lot of different models of “smart” bracelets to track the number of steps you’ve walked, calories burned, monitor the quality of sleep, or to control the level of stress. However, only some of them combine all of these features. The start receiving pre-orders for one of these bracelets, equipped with a special spectrometer, announced the company Airo Heath.

According to co-founder and CEO of startup Airo Heath Abilasha Jayakumar novelty can analyze in detail the process of consumption of food and its nutritional value.

“In the process of digestion of nutrients is allocated a certain amount of light in the green, red and infrared, which can be fixed with a special sensor,” – said Abilash Jayakumar.

For example, eating a chocolate bar, users can using a special application for the bracelet AIRO track spike in blood sugar. Unfortunately, at this point, the application can not distinguish between simple carbohydrates from complex, but the development team is still time to make it possible to improve.

“In the future, we could distinguish the radiation of different wavelengths, and to draw conclusions about what is better or worse for the body,” – added Mr. Jayakumar.

He also noted that in the future when counting calories bracelet AIRO will be able to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism against assimilation of various foods.

As for the measurement of stress, there is a solution Airo Heath is based on the frequency of the heartbeat. On the critical level of stress will notify bracelet with vibration. At the same time, the enclosure will be able to provide some useful exercises that will help to calm down. The application also allows the heart rate, the number of steps you’ve walked and calories burned. Thus, it is able to distinguish the stress of the workout routine.

It is also reported that the band is able to track the phases of sleep and wake vibration at the right time.

Airo Heath company hopes to start delivering bracelets AIRO autumn 2014. At the moment, the cost is $ 149. After entering the market price will rise to $ 199.

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