Sharp emotions – Big promotion, big TVs

July 15, 2013 roku moves to promote Sharp AQUOS LED TVs – “For those who like strong emotions.” Action is dedicated Sharp TVs with screen sizes 50”, 52”, 60”, 70”, 80” and 90”. For the participants provided more than 1,200 exciting prizes.

Anyone who during the promotion decides to buy a 50 -, 52 -, 60 -, 70 -, 80 – or 90-inch Sharp AQUOS LED TV has a chance to win one of over 1,200 prizes . The winners waiting for 12 single trips to one of the largest amusement parks – Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, 800 10 GARMIN FORERUNNER watches for active and 400 ION AIR PRO camera for extreme sports enthusiasts.
To win a prize, just after purchasing the TV to register on and write what emotions can live large TV Sharp AQUOS LED.

Promotion “For those who like thrills” is another in a series of brand marketing activity undertaken as part of the strategy of “Big emotions on the big screens.” Sharp as a producer of large-screen televisions – ie 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 inches – communicatively supports the group’s flagship brand products. The first large-scale operation around the Sharp AQUOS LED TVs with screens 50” and above was conducted just before and during the UEFA EURO 2012, which Sharp was one of the sponsors. Another was the scene in April. The television campaign was conducted including the Discovery channels and major thematic television channels.

The Promoter on behalf of Sharp’s MediaTouch agency, also responsible for the preparation of layouts, and website promotion Media planning and buying media house took Reprise Media. Promotion “For those who like thrills” is also implemented in Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Details of the promotional campaign, the list of TV models of action and its rules can be found on

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