Several facts about Jonathan Ive

As we already wrote , November 14 is the unofficial biography of Jonathan Ive. The book with the great title «Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products» aims to tell about the life of someone who, in my opinion, is the soul of Apple. To whet your interest in the network as a kind of teaser were laid out some of the facts mentioned in the biography.

It should again be recalled that the unofficial biography, therefore, the responsibility for the accuracy of these facts lies with the author Leander Kehni.

So, let’s begin. According to the information set out in the book, Jonathan still in high school, became interested in the design of mobile phones and watches. The book claims that the information was obtained from one of the teachers Quince.

After graduating in 1989, Jonathan became the co-owner of a start-Tangerine. The first project of the future ideologue iOS 7 is the development of the design of toilet rooms, including a bidet and a sink to a rich uncle. The project was rejected because of too much value. By the way, this milestone in the biography of quince is not a revelation, as it is mentioned in the English-language article on Wikipedia.

Jonathan wanted to resign from Apple shortly before the return of Steve Jobs to the company. Here, the author makes reference to John Rubinstein, who was at that time supervisor Quince. Last persuaded to stay, saying that the company “is going to make history.”

According to the designer Doug Satzgera, Steve Jobs was against the introduction of white color, and only thanks largely Quince turned persuade him.

The book also states that in a top-secret design lab Apple sounds techno music, and its staff play football (not table, and quite a present), and skateboarding. Personal same office Quince is a glass cube, in which there is nothing except the table, chairs and a table lamp. And Jonathan does not allow anyone to go in there, even his wife and children.

Author’s biography states that after the surgery to remove the tumor in 2004, Steve Jobs himself only allowed to visit his wife Lauren and Jonathan Quince.

Be that as it may, to know this is true or not, it will be possible only after the official comment of the hero of the book. If this comment is, of course, will be.

Judging by recent publications in the English-language sources, the book also contained a rather sharp, and sometimes openly rude statements attributed to Steve Jobs.

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