Set mDrawBot: 4 depicting good robot

Set mDrawBot: 4 depicting good robot

Set mDrawBot: 4 depicting good robot

On the market a lot of robots that can create images. Therefore, the company’s engineers have come up with MakeBlock, not one but a whole group.

More precisely – a unique set of mDrawBot for assembly depicting machines of any type.

The set includes 4 modifications. Create small “artists” can in a variety of settings. For example – on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Total constructor 60 components – from the Arduino board to purely mechanical parts. Plus a huge number of nuts and bolts.

Set mDrawBot: 4 depicting good robot

In what “tools” listed turns? The most amusing variation – mCar. This 3-wheeled car that leaves a paper trail characteristic.

mEggBot useful for Easter: make “a face” on the egg, decorate a ping-pong table. Specialization – “round” objects.

What talent mSpider? In the pictures on the boards and walls. Height is not terrible – will not fall special attachment.

A true classic – bot mScara. He reveals his talents on the plane.

Set mDrawBot: 4 depicting good robot

Application scenarios mDrawBot set. Traditional “pen” is easily replaced by laser engraving or chalk. To control uses proprietary software.

Pre-orders are processed on site Kickstarter. Price – 159 USD.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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