Samsung sold 38 million smartphones in a line of Note

During the exhibition IFA JK Shin – president of Samsung Electronics – revealed some interesting information about the number of sold Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 . According to Mr Sheen , the last two years , Samsung has sold over 38 million units line Note.

This is an incredibly large number of devices , and this fact is a matter of controversy again on the big screen smartphones (5 inches or more ) against the smaller screens (4 to 5 inches ) . Apple, for example , takes the latter option , although the fans , for sure, would be happy to see the iPhone with a bigger screen .

Samsung, in turn, chose a different option , including the popular Galaxy S3 (4.8 inches ) and the Galaxy S4 (4.99 inches) . Samsung, HTC, LG and other manufacturers continue to sell millions of smartphones with 4 -5 -inch (or larger) displays, which once again confirms the desire of buyers , and the fact that such large smartphones are no longer just a strange combination of tablet and smartphone.

Shin did not disclose details about the number of units sold , or the number of units sold per year, but added that Samsung plans to sell about 10 million Note 3 . Ten million – not a large number, perhaps this is the prediction of short-term ?

Galaxy Note 3 hit the market on September 25 in all markets except the U.S. and Japan – where the smartphone will go on sale in October.

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