Samsung: Smart device market began to shift

Sources pointed out that, Samsung is developing Smart Watch will be published in September.

Samsung vice president Lee Young-hee in March 2013 in an interview said that, Samsung will deliver Smart Watch, with the launch of Apple iWatch might contend, it is learned that the products will be at IFA 2013 consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany published.

According to Patently Apple message that, Samsung in September 2013 held a show in addition will bring a new generation of its flagship smartphone GALAXY Note 3, the long-rumored Smart Watch will be officially unveiled at the event.

The Smart Watch screenshot run AltiusOS early exposure in February 2013, the product called GALAXY Altius, a resolution of 500 x 500, supports music playback, send and receive letters and clock and other functions, and a similar user interface of Windows Phone.

However, it is unable to determine whether the Samsung GALAXY Altius upcoming Smart Watch.

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