Samsung is trying to patent the augmented reality glasses

Samsung has registered a patent describing the future structure of the South Korean giant, which is designed to compete with augmented reality glasses Google Glass and other peers in the emerging market of portable computers.

The patent application was filed in South Korea at the beginning of this year, but has passed the registration procedure is only now and then spotted by the journalists Wall Street Journal . The illustrations in the patent application shows the points like sports. They are also allocated a transparent or translucent frame, which are side buttons and the camera faceplate.

In a published patent specification of the possibility of the device to pair with your smartphone to display various information and control some of the functions of the latter. In addition, a pair of built-in headphones that will listen to music and take calls. From the images provided it can be said that they are based on technology-based bone conduction.

Unlike Google Glass, device Samsung, described in the patent application, equipped with a wire on the sides which are connected with each other. However, even if augmented reality glasses Samsung at the moment is more than a concept, as most of the devices described in the patent applications before appearing on store shelves, its appearance will undergo significant changes.

It is worth noting that Samsung has in 2011 to combine their efforts with Sony, Panasonic and XpanD 3D in an attempt to create a universal active 3D-glasses, which never managed to become a successful product.

At the moment, Samsung is one of the few companies that are developing wearable devices, and its dominant position in the smartphone market may be very helpful in promoting such products as experimental Galaxy Gear.

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