How Samsung over other laughed, and embarrass myself

More recently, we told you about how Samsung laughs at Apple in advertising their new devices. But after the presentation Galaxy S5 balance of power has changed , and now the world is laughing over Samsung. And after the ceremony “Oscar”, the reasons for laughter only added. Indeed, the principle of the boomerang in action.

Samsung is the general sponsor of the ceremony. Therefore, when the leading Ellen Degeneres during another appearance on the stage, she decided to make self supposedly your Galaxy Note 3, hardly anyone really surprised. But the surprise came moments later, when the picture turned out blurry. However, Ellen did not get lost and posted a photo in the “Twitter” with the tag «blurry», which in our means “blurry.” Tweet instantly began to spread across the social network had something to “beat the map.”

And DeGeneres found a great solution, gathering in front of the front camera Galaxy Note 3 huge number of world stars. Tweet received signature “If only Bradley hands were genuine. Best photo in the world “and went to the net. Undoubtedly, a coup, because he scored the maximum number of retweets in the history of the social network, and this is the contribution of Samsung.

It would seem that the company unscrew, but the PR departments of competitors on the market Samsung Android-smartphones decided not to leave unattended Korean failure. But what else? As the saying goes, “Just business, nothing personal.”

First, of course, was Nokia, which lifts opponents for any reason, and is not the last company when it comes to the coolest camera in a smartphone. U.S. subsidiary retvitnulo unfortunate self DeGeneres with the following comment: “Let’s get this over with blurry photos, Ellen!”, Alluding to the fact that if she used the camera with PureView – this would not have happened. Decent flick on the nose Samsung.

Following his move made LG, taking as a basis the most epic self. The company noted that if Ellen had this evening with LG G2, it could itself make this photo, not trusting such a historic event Bradley Cooper. This is really important, because as you know, if you want to do well – DIY. Besides, if possible Bradley would look into the camera.

Finally, do not remain on the sidelines and not the flagship, but ambitious Lenovo, which with the acquisition of Motorola certainly still be able to surprise us. Regretting that Jared Leto was in the frame only the eyes and the nose piece, the company quips about signature tweet: “Long arms are not necessary when you have MyVibe», Lenovo informs and complements the above picture with a smartphone Vibe Z, a feature which is 84-degree wide-angle lens 5 megapixel front camera. The only pity is that the image used on the attached main 13 megapixel camera smartphone.

Besides all this, the reason for bullying Samsung was also the fact that Ellen in between leaving the scene was photographed backstage at his iPhone, as evidenced by the characteristic signature on her tweets.

Samsung, of course, got tight and Galaxy S5, and Note 3. But on the other hand, there is no bad publicity. About the company said, which is exactly what she achieves, taking their advertising budgets. So do not wait for it, fearing to spoil the karma, and she will stop teasing competitors. On the contrary, I would place bullies waited symmetrical response.

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