Acer has rolled out new products wagon

Acer has flunked information space news. And all because yesterday in New York held a large-scale presentation where the Taiwanese company showed half a dozen new products. However, the presentation is largely more demonstration than informative. But look at what is.

New number 1

Let’s start with new items, new items for the company – namely smart hours Liquid Leap. The case is now fashionable, so that the creation of such gadget is quite predictable. Nothing special in its ranks not differ watch – watch your activity, a notification is displayed on a connected smartphone calls and sms. Thin, light, rectangular and multiple colors. Features decided not to declare, but simply rolled device “to see” along with other novelty smartphone.

New number 2

Smartphone Acer Liquid J. about him, too, nothing is known, except that he was a 5-inch and with rounded corners. Vseee. But interestingly it is something else – a smartphone you can buy one set of the clock. That’s set for all occasions. Home sales promise in June. Purchased separately and individually smartphone can watch But set interesney.Chtoby could always keep the machine on bezzvuchke not miss calls.

New № 3-4

Tablets. Just two. Acer Iconia One 7 and Acer Iconia Tab 7. Both displays c they got a 7-inch slot for microSD, dual cameras and stereo speakers. Iconia One received permission to display HD, Intel Atom Z2560 processor, and will be delivered to Android 4.2, and only after the start of sales Operating System upgrade to KitKat. And he will have as many as 10 colors! But it is unlikely you like pink Tablet computers, harsh bearded geeks. The price of such new items will be 140 €.

But Iconia Tab 7 will be released in a metal case, the move will get the freshest version of OSes, 4 core CPU Media Tech and even a slot for a SIM card. So it will be a tablet-dialer with 3G. This device will be available as a resolution of 1024×600, and with the HD version of the display. For the first will have to pay 150 €, for the second – 180 €.

New number 5

Hybrid laptop Aspire Switch 10. Impossible to say that since all of the following Lenovo Yoga Soup transformers are something to surprise me. Aspire Switch 10 – to create a relatively original and slyunipuskatelnoe, but your audience is likely to find. Even despite the fact that we already have with darkness tmuschaya tablet docking station. Only now our kit tablet + keyboard is positioned as a laptop … Yes, you can always change the form factor of your device, but it is distinguished from relatives compact enough options. Tablet thickness – 8.9 mm, and with a keyboard strapped – 20.2 mm. Shorter tablet-ultrabook-quirky-yogamaster.

Aspire Switch 10 (subtly hints figure in the name) got 10.1 inches in diameter display (bingo!) with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Devaysa located inside the processor Intel Atom Z3745, integrated graphics Intel HD, 2 GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of internal storage, plus Claudia but if – else plus 500 GB of internal memory, a slot for microSD, USB-port connector and HDMI. The developers promise to 6 hours of battery life. And the start of sales, they say, is expected in May and costs $ 380.

Now the question is whether you are using, or may be used when, gadgets from the company Acer? What are these devices??

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