Kingston is a gaming headset HyperX Cloud

Company Kingston Technology Company, Inc., Known primarily for its storage devices, has introduced a new gaming headset HyperX Cloud . The model, created in collaboration with the Swedish manufacturer of peripherals for gamers QPAD, different soft ear cushions and large 53-millimeter speakers, which help to achieve maximum comfort and high-quality sound.

According to the manufacturer, ambyushury headset HyperX Cloud filled with a special material, taking the form of the user’s head, and when you create a soft headband used special stitching. These measures are designed to provide not only an attractive appearance, but also the greatest possible comfort during long hours of gaming battles. Headphones used HyperX Cloud Speaker gated eliminating the background noise is not only the gamers, but also the people around him.

“HyperX, together with the Swedish manufacturer, the company QPAD, created a headset that delivers maximum audio quality and exceptional ease of use. The result is a quality product, as QPAD company known throughout Europe by high quality peripherals for gamers – Young said Lawrence (Lawrence Yang), Head of HyperX. – We think that fans of games will appreciate the benefits of our new headset. “

Basis of headphones is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, and the microphone can be removed by turning the headset classic headphones. Headset from Kingston compatible with personal computers, game consoles PS4, smartphones and tablets. HyperX Cloud is the official headset eSports competitions Intel Extreme Masters, Alliance Gaming, CNB e-Sports Club, SK-Gaming and Team Liquid. According to the manufacturer the product is different legendary reliability HyperX, which allows the user to provide a two-year warranty.

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