GeniCan a new "smart" trash bin

GeniCan a new “smart” trash bin

GeniCan a new "smart" trash bin

A team of US inventors presented startup GeniCan. This unusual device which constitute a “shopping list” in automatic mode. Gadget always remind about what foods in the house ran out and what to buy during the next visit to the shop. Let’s look at the device closer.

Now GeniCan presented in concept form, but if the startup will be able to attract investment. That first gadget of this kind can go on sale before the end of this year.

Specification of the GeniCan

Operates GeniCan simple enough, though, and uses a set of technologies. In essence it device sensor that reads bar codes of products and compare them with the testimony of a preformed database. The database user device make any food and household items. The device keeps a record of their own existing, acquired and discarded products. Depending on the given infusions, GeniCan can notify the user that the food supplies run low.

GeniCan a new "smart" trash bin

Readout occurs when goods with a barcode get into the trash and passes through analyzes the field GeniCan. If a product has been detected, the device emits a characteristic peak sound.

In order to “communicate” with device need a smartphone based on Android operating system and Wi-Fi. On a mobile device placed special application-Ledger. In it the user will see all the necessary statistics. And the list is drawn up by the shopping gadget. Depending on the preference and necessity. GeniCan can be configured individually by the user.

GeniCan a new "smart" trash bin

Mounted on the device to the urn with a special adhesive tape. The cost of the “smart” sensor is 120 US dollars.

Conclusion of the GeniCan

The GeniCan new device has a good chance to prove itself on the market. Since the ability of the device quite interesting.

Source: IndieGoGo

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