Sailfish OS can be installed on Android-powered devices

As previously reported , the mobile operating system Sailfish allow you to run applications for Android, which will facilitate its spread in the market and make it more interesting solution for vendors. Now CEO Tom Pienimaki Jolla (Tomi Pienimaki) said that Sailfish compatible with Android-devices.

From this it follows that interested users can run OS Sailfish on their Android-powered devices. And such an opportunity will soon enough. According to Tom Pienimaki, China is seen as a major market expansion, because the local population is actively updating the OS on their devices. However, he stressed that the company intends to offer Jolla as the operating system itself, and hardware solutions.

According to the head of the company, Jolla is not going to earn by selling OS Sailfish. Instead, plan to occupy a niche market, and then generate income by using applications, services and advertising.

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