Apple bought the company Topsy, analyzing data from Twitter

As the resource The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources, Apple bought the company Topsy.

Topsy is reviewing posts on the social network Twitter, highlighting the most popular topics. From its tools can also determine how often found particular expression in the messages to find important people on specific topics, to determine the impact of an event or campaign. Topsy is a partner of Twitter and has access to all message-based social network, since 2006. The processed data is then resold to third parties.

According to the source, for the purchase of Topsy Apple has paid more than $ 200 million The experts are of the opinion that the transaction could not take place without the approval of Twitter. Thus representatives declined to comment on Twitter this information, and Topsy representatives have not responded to the request. As for Apple, it is limited to its traditional commentary that the company regularly buys smaller technology companies, but does not discuss their goals and plans.

According to analysts, the decision may be useful Topsy Apple in some of its services, including store iTunes, virtual assistant Siri and advertising platform iAd.

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