The new router Huawei E5180 review

The new router Huawei E5180 review

The new router Huawei E5180 review

The company Huawei has long been familiar with the LTE router parameters, but a very nice appearance. Actually, because of the design, I decided to meet him. The device is called the E5180. Works in our 4G network with all telecom operators, including Yota. Out of interest: at present Huawei Ethernet-connector, and it is easy to connect VoIP-device.

Design, size, controls

At the beginning, I said that the most interesting thing in the router – it is his appearance, vaguely reminiscent of the various “eplovskie” things, for example, AirPort Time Capsule. Hull form E5180 rectangular edges strongly smoothed. The upper part slightly recessed, and above it stands a large pedestal of opaque white plastic. He has some functional and aesthetic burden: in the first case it is a button in the second – it is a light blue color. The button has a soft pressing and average speed. Enjoy very nice. Briefly pressing the backlight turns off or on, and long-term (more than three seconds) – enables or disables the device itself. Implemented unusual and quite convenient. It seems to me, is not enough only sound indication that it was exactly clear: the router on or off.

The new router Huawei E5180 review

On one of the faces are two svetodiodika. One, the top is responsible for work in the mobile network, and the second, a little lower – for working Wi-Fi. The lower is blue, and the top – depending on the network found: in 4G – red, and 2G / 3G – blue. Dim glow, does not hit in the eye at night and during the day is quite noticeable.

On the reverse side are: standard Ethernet-connector, RJ-11 ports for VoIP phones. At the bottom – all input power to the unit.

E5180 glued on the bottom sticker with information about the key to the Wi-Fi network by default, specify the username and password, and IP-address. In any case, I will write them here, you never know, you have removed the sticker or reinstall it.

Slot microSIM-card there. Closes a small plastic flap.

The new router Huawei E5180 review

Above the lower platform stands a little rim of padded material similar to rubber. Made to router steadily took a vertical position and does not slide on a smooth surface.

In general, Huawei E5180 looks great in any interior. The only thing I did not have, so it’s more the emission angle LEDs. For example, the side is not always clear, the router is enabled or not, the more it is unclear what kind of signal – 3G or 4G.

Working with Wi-Fi-router Huawei E5180

To begin, you must install a SIM card slot for supporting the Internet. Next, connect the power cable to the device and plug the adapter into a wall outlet. Duration initialization – about 30 seconds, not fast. For example, my Megafon MR-100-2 is already beginning to distribute Internet within 10-15 seconds.

To connect to the E5180, need to find a Huawei-E5180-2DD0 and enter key / password specified at the bottom of the unit. In principle, all – it is already possible to use the Internet.

Reception quality is about the same as a portable router MR-100-2, that is not the best. Although strangely, in theory, the antenna should be longer signal gain a little higher. Frequently signal “jumping” from 3G to 4G and back. However, it is more dependent not on the router and on how well the operator can “give” network. We should also say that you can not connect an external antenna.

The new router Huawei E5180 review

With regard to the range, then according to the manufacturer, it is about 250 meters along the line of sight. In practice, I can say that the E5180 is more powerful than just the Asus RT-N10P (bought only in order to test the Wi-Fi in the house). E5180 router with no problems distributes internet in the apartment of 52 m2, even with obstacles in front of him – two reinforced concrete walls.

The site says that a router can connect up to 32 devices. So much I did not have, but a couple of laptops, smartphones and three slightly different gadgets worked tolerably well in the network.

To configure the Huawei E5180 you will need a special application and a smartphone or computer. If the PC, all available at IP with login and password «admin». Below – screenshots work WEB-version settings.

To configure the settings using the program, Google Play has a free «Huawei HiLink». It is very simple and visually displays information about the network and router settings.


The new router Huawei E5180 review

Overview was short, because the main information, see “Specifications”. On the positive side, of course, is to provide a cool, ergonomic design, and how cute is implemented highlighting the main button. Another of the advantages: work with all operators in the fourth generation network, easy setup.

I would like Wi-Fi standard ac, connector for an external antenna, well, would not prevent the network LTE CAT 6 for the future.

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