Russian hackers are attacking Mac computers under the guise of security services

Despite the fact that Mac users have not yet come across with any more or less dangerous form of malware , hackers from time to time make them nervous and trying to mislead, extorting money. In recent weeks, the Web has begun to spread a new type of software that professionals are classified as ransomware (programs that extort money).

First, some U.S. users have reported that in the course of random walks over the Internet using any browser available for the Mac before their eyes suddenly appeared as a page with a very disturbing content. On the page, URL beginning with «», reported that the FBI has made a finding of copyright infringement by the user and blocked his computer. To unlock the victim is required to contribute a certain dollar amount.

However, do not be afraid that we are talking about locking the operating system, which at the time made many people turn gray Windows. Blocked by the browser, and to get rid of the problem, you just reset the browser. Nevertheless it is possible that some users can not cope frightened with nerves and yet parted with the required sum.

It is worth noting the impressive ingenuity of hackers who were not limited to U.S. and decided to localize their product is harmful. Members of the French report that were periodically taken to a page with similar statements from the National Gendarmerie:

And Canadians are faced with threats from local police:

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that, as we found out security specialists domain that bound these false URL, located in Russia. Therefore it is quite possible that if the developers of browsers will not understand this problem, some of us will soon begin to face the alarming warnings from Russian law enforcement agencies . At the moment we know that Google has eliminated the vulnerability of updating Chrome for the Mac. Other browsers are still under threat, so be careful and do not go on about the scam.

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