New rumors about the smartphone Google Nexus 5

Less than a week since then, as there were rumors about the release of the new Nexus-smartphone by Motorola in Q4, but over the past few days we have heard that the device Google Nexus 5 will be based on the recently introduced LG G2, and this information is constantly changing and refined. For example, only the day before claiming that the device will get processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, but according to the latest information, it will still be more powerful Snapdragon 800. On top of that, this time it was explained in detail what changes will occur in the design of the device.

According to one of Vietnamese sites, Nexus 5 will be more similar to Google Nexus 4 than LG G2 due to the use of glass as a coating not only on the front panel, but also at the rear. In addition to disappear quite unusual and controversial design element – buttons adjust the volume and switch on the rear panel. Even speak of such trifles as the location of the main camera – it will be closer to the lateral edge of the body, rather than to stay in between.

Despite the significant external differences in technical characteristics it will be almost the same smartphone, at least now we know the same processor and 5.2-inch thin FullHD display. Despite all the above, it is worth remembering that we are on shaky ground rumors, too much trust in who should not. But if, as the original source, Nexus 5 will be available at the output of the same price as the Nexus 4, the smartphone will just sweep to the “shelf” online stores.

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