[Rumor] iPad mini 2 will inherit the color of the iPhone 5s

We have already talked about the fact that the presentation of the next generation iPad will be held on October 15 this year. Today, it is another confirmation that the premiere of the second model of iPad mini is around the corner.

French website NWE published photos of what the authors call the body of the new generation of mini-tablet Apple. The first thing that catches the eye, it is painfully familiar colors. If the photos are authentic, the new iPad mini can get the colors that we remember the iPhone 5S : silver, gold and “gray space”.

No other information about the new edition is not reported. Also be honest, what we do not really believe in what we are talking about the leak of the production chain Apple. However, if in the near future will publish a similar photo of some other source, it has become a real reason to expect that the tablet really will be updated next month.

According to the materials

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