Catch up with Google: "smart" glasses from Lenovo

Catch up with Google: “smart” glasses from Lenovo

Catch up with Google: "smart" glasses from Lenovo

Until Google pulled the start of massive sales Glass, their competitors do not know tired, working on their own products. Recently his vision of “smart” glasses augmented reality presented and Chinese electronics giant Lenovo, which is not enough hegemony in the world of laptops and market share of smartphones and tablets.

Shown at the presentation in Beijing prototype is impossible not to compare with glasses created by corporations Good: like the “primary source”, all the electronics in a handheld gadget focused on the arc of one, so the unit’s weight is distributed unevenly. The special features of Lenovo creations include a removable battery – it is intended to be worn on the neck. Reveal more details of the creators promise in October 2014.

Catch up with Google: "smart" glasses from Lenovo

“Smart” glasses from Lenovo

To achieve the goal (to win the market of portable devices) vendor, Motorola Mobility has absorbed , combined with their experience in a certain field of “smart” glasses by Vuzix. Their joint product goes on sale in August, but will be available exclusively on the Chinese market.

Catch up with Google: "smart" glasses from Lenovo

Apparatus called M100 runs on Android 4.0.4, has 2 x 1 GHz processor, 12 GB of internal memory and a battery capacity of 800 mAh. As Google Glass, gadget features a 5-megapixel camera.

First of all glasses are designed for corporate customers and developers – and a price tag of 1,300 U.S. banknotes not allow anyone to join the “smart” enhancement. However, the first step in the development of new niches made, and, therefore, the competition between “smart” glasses increases, which can not fail to delight us – ordinary users.

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