The lawsuit against Apple, which is to be expected

The operating system iOS 7 is not satisfied everyone, and many users either do not want to upgrade to it, or dream to downgrade iOS 6, which is not possible. Of particular annoyance to many is the fact that every time you reboot your iPhone or iPad there is a reminder of the need to upgrade, and the application icon “Settings” there is a sticker with the unit, which is not at all adequate response. As expected, it was the subject of another lawsuit.

California resident Mark Menacher not become penny wise and filed a complaint against himself Tim Cook, in which it demanded removed from the iOS file in charge of the psychological pressure against users.

The fact that Apple ignores users’ preferences with regard to iOS, is the real corporate banditry, – said Menacher.

As we have heard, some users also complain about the animation interface iOS 7, Which can Cause motion sickness . In addition, many do not like the Look of the system Itself, and the Lack of A Formal Opportunity to return to the Previous version of the Force to Talk About limiting Choice and Freedom. Will We follow in this Story May Cause leakage.

According to the materials Huffington Post

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