Raspberry Pi have got an official body

Raspberry Pi have got an official body

The popular miniature computer Raspberry Pi – excellent and inexpensive platform for enthusiasts. Therefore, the developers for a long time supplied PC minimum configuration. Just as a printed circuit board.

Of course, a variety of artisans and entrepreneurs have created dozens of buildings. For every taste and color. However, a formal decision has not been until now.

The housing device corresponds to specification Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi have got an official body

Now the “lack” fixed. The authors have come up with their own project to the shell. Pretty decent.

The “accessory” to the distinctive logo is the very solid basis: ABS-plastic. As for compatibility, the case for models Raspberry Pi 2 B, as well as the Raspberry Pi B +.

Available slot for microSD. There is convenient access to all connectors and ports.

A good thing, if you want to get a firm system in assembled form. The price is $ 9.

Source: raspberrypi

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