Philips BDM3270QP introduced a new generation monitors

Philips BDM3270QP introduced a new generation monitors

Philips BDM3270QP introduced a new generation monitors

The most important thing for the majority of users to working and playing on the computer is the monitor. Since vision is the first value to the people. The better-built monitor, so vision will deteriorate less. Let’s see what Philips has to offer.

Lots of interesting monitors can be seen on the market today. But now it has become the most popular use of large monitors 32 inches. Let’s look at one of these monitors called Philips BDM3270QP.

Features of the Philips BDM3270QP

The monitor has a fairly large 32-inch screen. This is currently a very popular screen size. And many users are very satisfied. An interesting feature of the monitor is 2560 by 1440 pixels. Very good color and clarity of the picture readable.

The monitor is built on technology AMVA (instead IPS). And as reported by the manufacturer of a new line of monitors, which has good viewing angles. And composes 178 degree reading. The pixel density is 91,8 PPI. And compared with competitors monitor Philips BDM3270QP has good performance. Response time is 5 ms. Other features include 10-bit color and brightness of 300 cd / m2. It provides a fairly bright picture, but pleasant to your eyes.

According to the manufacturer, an important detail is the monitor stand. This allows you to change the height of rise, and adjust the monitor as you wish. Furthermore, the monitor screen can be positioned on the portrait mode. This allows convenient reading magazines or other literature.

Philips BDM3270QP introduced a new generation monitors

Monitor Philips BDM3270QP has many additional ports for your other devices. The new monitor includes two USB 3.0, and HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2 and Dual-Link DVI. As you can see the manufacturer is not greedy and is equipped with multiple ports on the monitor.

Conclusion of the Philips BDM3270QP

Monitor Philips BDM3270QP has great potential in its market segment. Good performance and the colors put the monitor on a high level. The price of the monitor will be 700 euros.

Source: Philips

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