Philips Fidelio SoundTowers – new speaker system

Philips introduces a new wireless speaker system with premium Fidelio SoundTowers, created especially for those who want to enjoy the sound from any media. The design of the new system has been designed in such a way as to fill any room natural sound without taking up space. Wireless connection, dual dock and CD-player – music fans will appreciate all the opportunities offered by Fidelio SoundTowers.

Fidelio SoundTowers – two-way floor-standing speaker system without a central unit with rich functionality, to which you can connect a variety of devices, – says Byuret Benoit (Benoit Burette), an engineer in innovation in the field of sound, Philips Lifestyle Entertainment. “This system is equipped with the latest technology and features high-quality components, such as a passive crossover and rendered out tweeters . SoundTowers – this new device range Fidelio, which reproduces the high-quality sound regardless of the content and allows you to immerse yourself into the world of your favorite movies , music and even video games. 

Two full-range speakers Fidelio SoundTowers, which reproduce well the mids, work in pairs and are used to restrict unwanted sound reflections from the floor and improve sound quality in an area of ​​the crossover. The walls of the body have a trapezoidal loudspeaker instead of the usual rectangular shape to avoid distortion in the speaker.

Tweeters are made of a soft material and has a powerful magnet that minimizes distortion and makes the sound of individual instruments as clear. 4-inch woofers and tuning frequency division provides crystal-clear sound. Fazoinventory precisely tuned to range speakers, ensure proper bass response, making the bass is deep and at the same time accurate.

Wireless Technology Bluetooth (APT-X and AAC), provides high-quality streaming audio from different devices. Obscure double dock at the top of the main column allows you to play music from your iPhone or iPod with Lightning connector or 30-pin, charging the unit during playback.

Fidelio SoundTowers also has a slot for playback of CD, USB- port and FM-tuner. Optical, coaxial and analog inputs allow connection of other equipment – TVs, game consoles and Blu-Ray- players.

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