Microsoft showed new and modern unusual scarf

Microsoft showed new and modern unusual scarf

Microsoft showed new and modern unusual scarf

Already it is impossible not to notice the interest of Microsoft’s market of portable devices. Last year, the company introduced a fitness bracelet Microsoft Band, and literally on the recently concluded the presentation showed augmented reality glasses HoloLens .

Microsoft object of interest is obvious and understandable – because the future is definitely for those who today do not ignore the booming market of portable devices.

As if to confirm these thoughts on the recently held a conference at Stanford University, the research department professionals with Microsoft, was presented to the device looks like a scarf. Of course, it was not a simple scarf.

Scarf made of wool hides a hex printed circuit boards, modules with chips and wirings. To the smartphone of its support “smart” scarf can connect via Bluetooth and a special companion application.

Microsoft showed new and modern unusual scarfWith mobile gadget can be adjusted, for example, the temperature scarf or vibrate to notify you of new developments: a set of functions depends on which modules are installed in a scarf. Modules can be interchanged or replaced by other, thereby adjusting accessory for your needs.

While the company did not say there was this development on sale, or is it just a concept, which will serve as the “back burner.”

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