Hackers changed the description in the App Store Viber


Hackers crack the popular messenger Viber, changed the description of the application in the App Store. In the field “Description” and “What’s New in Version 3.0,” hackers have posted the following message “We created this app to keep track of you. Please download it! “. At the moment, the administration Viber is not technically feasible to block hackers.

The hacker group “Syrian Electronic Army” announced the break-site technical support service Internet telephony application Viber and accused of spying on July 23 .

“Once we had access to some systems applications, it has become clear that its purpose is spying and surveillance of its own users” – said in a statement released by hackers. What exactly is based on this statement, they did not explain, saying only that they were able to download some of the database.

The representative confirmed the cyber attack on the Viber website, stating that it was made possible after a phishing attack to the post of one of the company’s employees. At the same time, Viber denied the information about hacking the database, adding that hackers do not have access to any meaningful data users.

“A few days ago, hackers conducted a phishing attack and get access to our email accounts on Viber.com. Now we have fixed this problem.

However, the data collected allowed the attackers to modify the support page on the site and enter service under our iTunes Connect account to a level that allows them to change the description of the application in the App Store, which they did a few days ago. We noticed it almost immediately corrected metadata and delete the user (in fact, all users except one) of our account iTunes Connect.

Unfortunately, the situation repeated itself on Sunday. After studying the issue, we found out that this problem is due to the peculiarities of the iTunes Connect. Apparently, when you delete a user who was logged into the system, it remains active. We hope that Apple will fix this bug.

At the moment we have no way to disable an attacker from our account iTunes Connect. We have already contacted Apple and waiting for an answer, “- said in a statement Viber.


Earlier, on July 19, “Syrian Electronic Army” also announced hacking messenger Tango . According to the hackers in their possession were a database with contact information of millions of users the application.

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