Omate Ungaro - smart ring for lovers

Omate Ungaro – smart ring for lovers

The popular portable device usually universal. They are intended for the widest audience. Suitable for almost everyone.

Feature of smart ring for lovers

However, this is not the only approach. There are gadgets are not for everyone. For example, smart ring for lovers from Emanuel Ungaro and Omate. The device is designed exclusively for lovers.

Or rather – lovers and the rich. The most inexpensive version Omate Ungaro will cost $ 500. Is money not sorry? You can pay 2000 USD for a top option.

Why so expensive of smart ring for lovers? To the rim of gold or silver (18 carats) is attached jewel. Namely – sapphire, blue topaz, ruby, opal, and onyx. The choice.

Omate Ungaro - smart ring for lovers

What is the “trick”? Omate Ungaro vibrates only when calling the other half (or sends a text message). On the other calls, the product does not respond.

Synchronization with smartphones carried by Bluetooth LE. Built-in battery ensures up to 5 days of battery life. To set the firmware application has a companion.

Announced suitable for iOS, will be held in November this year. Unfortunately, Android fans will have to wait the beginning of 2016.

Source: engadget

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