Nokia tested the Android-smartphone Lumia long before the deal with Microsoft

Nokia has been working on Android-smartphone well in advance of negotiations for the sale of mobile division at Microsoft. It is reported by The New York Times, citing its own sources.

According to the publication, a separate group of engineers worked on Nokia Android-based smartphone Lumia in high security mode even before Microsoft began negotiations for the acquisition of the company’s mobile division, that is, possibly as early as 2012. Thus, despite the fact that the head of Nokia Stephen Elop announced that the Finnish company has no plan “B” – release Android-smartphone, it was.

The company wanted to protect themselves in the event of the failure of Windows Phone. The agreement with Nokia software giant, which involves the use of only the operating system, Microsoft, due to expire at the end of 2014, and by this point in the Nokia wanted to be fully prepared for the launch of Android-communicator.

According to The New York Times, in Microsoft were aware of the existence of this project, but it was not discussed during the negotiations for the acquisition of the Finnish mobile phone division. Probably in Redmond feared that the transition to Android Nokia could lead to a total collapse of the system Windows Phone, since it is a Finnish manufacturer produces the majority of handsets on WP.

Experts have criticized Nokia for not using Android – the operating system that is installed in 75% of smartphones sold today. And, apparently, “Google phone” from the Finnish manufacturer was not destined to be born.

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