Nokia Lumia 929: housing for sale before the launch of the terminal

The manufacturers of accessories for mobile devices, often reveal interesting details about the new terminal even before the launch. Example is the recent case of an enclosure dedicated to the Nokia Lumia 929 , high-end smartphones in the Lumia range is not yet announced but back in the spotlight thanks to the housing “Armour Stand” is currently marketed by the online shop WirelessGround .

 The case is equipped with a removable stand and made a double layer of silicone and plastic, can like it or not, but it has the considerable merit of showing again the terminal, which, according to previous rumors, looks like a more compact version of the Nokia Lumia, 1520.

The terminal has been depicted with the new articulation of the home in three rows of Tiles of medium size, confirming the fact that it is a device with a large display (but lower than those of the Lumia 1520 judging from the space around three soft touch buttons).

The Nokia Lumia 929 has become the protagonist, in recent weeks, a series of rumors that have made reference to the arrival on the market with the U.S. telephone operator Verizon later this year.

The curtain, to date, has not yet been raised on your smartphone, observed with great interest by the user that the European Union would like to experience the benefits introduced by the new hardware platform of the Lumia 1520 terminal characterized by a more compact form factor.

The story of the transfer of Nokia’s mobile division to Microsoft and their effects on the brand of smartphones Lumia | Nokia Lumia 929 could be marketed under the brand “Lumia Icon” | may have influenced the decision to postpone to next year’s marketing of the Nokia Lumia 929 .

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