NFC Ring – a ring to control various devices

Briton John McLear developed a very interesting device – a ring with support for NFC, allowing the transfer of information in a short distance. Thing consists of a titanium case and two chips: a large, which is responsible for public information, which you are willing to share with others and little, which is responsible for the storage of personal data. Of greatest interest is the second chip, which can be used, for example, instead of a password for locking the phone.


At the moment, the benefits of the invention is questionable, however, over time, a ring can be a great Officers: it can afford to lock the door of the house, turn on the engine, and if you combine it with a gun, no one except the owner will not be able to shoot out of it. In the sale of the first samples must be received by September of this year for about $ 28.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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