Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Choosing Android-tablet, it is easy to get confused, because often a manufacturer produces several devices with almost the same characteristics that sometimes bewilders the buyer. A striking example is the Samsung company with dozens of look-alike tablets. Fortunately, there are companies in the line-up which may make the right choice, one of them – Lenovo. Today we will talk about the youngest member of the new “music” line – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300.

Among the many low cost 7″ tablet, this model stands out quality sound that is made possible through the use of two stereo speakers and technology Double Digital, as well as a good iron.

Appearance – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Design Lenovo IdeaTab A3300 patterns can be called accurate, it does not get boring over time, perhaps it is due to the colors of the model – a black bezel and white back. On the front panel in addition to the screen is a speaker, front camera and light sensor. The screen is covered with plastic, without oleophobic coating, so fingerprints appear on the screen very fast and hard to be removed.

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

At the top end, everything is standard: microUSB slot and 3.5mm headset jack. On the right are the volume keys and power left under the cap – card slots and SIM-card.

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

The back side of the tablet is made of white opaque plastic, thanks to him, the device does not slip in your hands. On top you can see the eye of a megapixel camera, and in the bottom panel is the logo Double Digital, reminiscent of the outstanding audio capabilities of the tablet.

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Assembling a good, squeaks and rustling missing, but there is one feature common to most likely a test copy – when pressure is applied to the rear panel on the left side, then the screen will go noticeable stains.

Screen – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

The screen is absolutely standard for this price range – 7 inches and resolution of 1024×600 pixels. This resolution is enough for surfing and reading twitter, but color reproduction is the problem. Lenovo is replete with colorful shell icons, namely when browsing on them notice the shortcomings of the screen – the labels look faded. Also, this problem is present when viewing colorful cartoon or dark scenes in movies.

Sound – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

The main difference between the machine from the competition is to have a good sound. Due to a software upgrade can be fitted under the sound of a certain content – for music and games set some settings, and for films – others. The program also has a demo video showing the sound as enabled improved, and without it.

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

However, there are times when the dynamics begin to take positions – these are different explosions / shooting in the movies – and start pohripyvaniya necessary to reduce the volume.

Firmware – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Unfortunately, such a miracle as with A7600 did not happen – in Lenovo IdeaTab A3300 installed Android 4.2.2 and updates about the unknown. In the tablet is almost pure Android, but with some additions from Lenovo. From the producer of its software for the camera, home screen and brand “dialer” with the ability to search for contacts.

The shell itself is fast and smooth, but there is one drawback – it is simply obscene lathers icons of some programs. So, for example, the icon looks like Instagram muddy rectangle from afar resembles camera. This disadvantage is not corrected installing a third-party launcher that Nova, that Go Launcher – the same problem.

Iron – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

The heart of the device is the CPU MTK 8382 (4 cores with a maximum frequency of 1.3 GHz), which works in conjunction with graphics Mali-400MP. RAM size is 1GB and the producer did a good job on the firmware, because after the download is available about 760 MB.

Bunch of MTK 8382 and Mali-400MP provides good performance in games. Real Racing 3, Asphalt 8 work on the highest setting, only occasionally showing subsidence fps, GTA Vice City, too, has not caused any problems.

Autonomy – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Autonomous operation of the device provides a battery capacity of 3500 mAh, which allows the device to live in the phone mode, the light day, and the use of bedside mode device (twitter, browser, e-mail) – about 2-2.5 days. I would also like to note that in sleep mode the device is discharged slowly enough – about 15% in three days. In the settings there is a possibility to set the schedule according to which will automatic shutdown / Auto power tablet.

Camera – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

Mini-review of the Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

The front camera has a resolution of 1.2 megapixels, the back – 2 megapixels. The quality of the material is enough mediocre.

Conclusion – Lenovo IdeaTab A3300

“Music” line producer turned out pretty successful that A7600, that Lenovo IdeaTab A3300, certainly not worse than the competition, but in terms of sonic possibilities and surpass them. As a phone, the tablet showed himself well, confidently taking the network signal and providing good voice quality. The tablet has a good sound and hardware that allows him to show a decent performance in games and decent smooth interface. The only drawbacks of the model are not the best color reproduction of the display and the depth of black, as well as uncertainty with further software updates.

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