NEC confirmed the withdrawal from the market of smartphones

In mid-July, there is evidence that the Japanese company NEC intends to fully withdraw from the smartphone market. Now this information is officially confirmed. The report from the NEC says that the mobile phone business will be revised in order to accelerate growth in the field of “social solutions.”

This means that starting from July 31 NEC minimizes the development, production and sales of smartphones, with the exception of those models that are already on the market. The corporation will continue to perform warranty service and providing current owners of its smartphones.

At the same time, NEC will continue to develop and manufacture mobile phones used: in this process will involve the company NEC Saitama. In addition, NEC does not intend to abandon the tablet business, and, of course, in any case, from the production of laptops.

As a result of the reorganization of the staff NEC CASIO Mobile Communications, engaged in the development of smart phones will be redeployed within the NEC Group. It is assumed that the current measures will improve the financial position and focus on the more promising areas of business.

Recall that the Japanese company’s latest smartphone was protected NEC Terrain , which runs on the operating system Android 4.0

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