Nanoheat - mug with wireless heated

Nanoheat – mug with wireless heated

Nanoheat - mug with wireless heated

An interesting device announced by Design HMI and Green Lama. They came up with a mug of preserving perfect hot drink for 45 minutes.

These gadgets heated sold a lot. But they all need a permanent connection to the power supply. Developers to design new items come from a different angle.

No more wires. The invention is equipped with its own battery. Element built enough power to maintain a temperature in the range of 63 to 68 degrees Celsius.

The above makes it possible to take a 400-gram Nanoheat anywhere and not be afraid that your favorite drink to cool down.

Nanoheat - mug with wireless heated

Of course, you will need to recharge the device with a USB cable and appropriate. But only when the battery fully sits. On the need to find a “socket” prompt LED.

How wonderful mug worth? 39.99 USD. In retail, it will be in August 2015. Now the authors of the project raise funds for mass production (as usual – on Kickstarter).

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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