Logitech Unveils Wireless Mouse MX Master

Logitech Unveils Wireless Mouse MX Master

Logitech Unveils Wireless Mouse MX Master

The company Logitech (SIX: LOGN). (NASDAQ: LOGI) opens up a whole new world of possibilities with wireless mouse Logitech® MX Master Wireless Mouse. New, characterized by relief adapted for hand design combines the best design in the design of Logitech mice: MX Master embodies the new paradigm accurate, fast and comfortable navigation computer. It is designed for people who work on multiple screens, devices, and operating systems. The new mouse is optimized for precise control of this complex environment.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse is designed for simultaneous work on multiple screens and operating systems

“Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse is a beautifully designed, customizable mouse with the versatility of control, accuracy, and speed,” – says Charlotte Dzhoyz, vice president of computer peripherals company Logitech. – Numerous variations navigation and advanced features make it our best mouse in existence today. “

MX Master Wireless Mouse traces its history from the Logitech MX Revolution and Logitech Performance MX. New gadget designed for a comfortable grip hand, self-control and speed of action. The shape of the mouse support arm and wrist in a natural position, making it easier to use the most conveniently located buttons and a scroll wheel.

Speed of scrolling the mouse wheel scrolling is adjustable from short and clear steps with a flick to scroll super fast free mode; the thumb is a unique drum-type wheel to scroll horizontally and switch between pages.

Logitech Unveils Wireless Mouse MX Master

Connecting to a PC based on Windows or Mac® computer by using Logitech Unifying receiver or Bluetooth® Smart technology. Logitech MX Master can be connected directly to the three devices, allowing you to work simultaneously on a desktop, laptop or tablet. You can switch between devices by simply pressing the Logitech Easy-SwitchTM. Also, the mouse has a button that can be set to repeat the gesture control on a Mac®.

The software allows you to configure Logitech OptionsTM buttons and actions in accordance with your needs. The technology of laser tracking Logitech Dark field LaserTM perfectly controls the movement on any surface, including glass and high-gloss finish.

MX Master is equipped with a battery capacity is at full charge will last up to 40 days (depending on usage). The indicator shows when the battery is critically low. Just four minutes of charging the battery last for a day of work, while at the time of connection to the power supply can continue to use the mouse, eliminating the possibility of even minimal downtime.

Source: Logitech

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