Myon - special robot playing Opera

Myon – special robot playing Opera

Today we have an interesting opportunity to see how modern technologies are being implemented in the art of theater and opera. Let’s look at the new robot playing opera. Many are waiting for the decision of the robots purely practical problems. In production, war, or as a personal assistant. Only their scope is not limited to what has been said.

How to learned robot playing Opera?

More machines are able to entertain. Moreover, very good. A striking example – the project Myon. This electro-actor plays in the opera – on a par with men.

Myon - special robot playing Opera

Moreover – it takes a central role.

Staging called «My Square Lady» and is a version of the famous musical “My Fair Lady.” That’s great – a robotic actor does without outside help.

Myon robot playing Opera has 16-pound independently reacts to certain music, replica partners and other events on stage. They are no controls. However, the developers had to spend on training for about two years.

Rehearse obviously had a lot.

Designed surprising Opera “singer” in Germany – the Berlin Humboldt University. An interesting point: each part is equipped with an independent power source. The plot involves the gradual dismemberment of the hero (which continues to function properly).

Source: motherboard

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