RevoBot - personal vehicle

RevoBot – personal vehicle

Interesting possibilities have emerged to make your life easier – is private personal vehicle. Let’s look at that is capable of a new toy. The regiment unusual vehicles arrived. It is reported that on-site Indiegogo started action to support the project RevoBot.

In asking that the creators of the prototype tools? In the mass production of amusing “scooter” – in the form of a board with an electric drive.

What is especially personal vehicle?

RevoBot - personal vehicle

On a single charge, 2-wheeled novelty can drive about 19 kilometers. Maximum speed – 12 km / h.

It weighs 10 kg invention. Managed RevoBot very simple – with the help of the lung abnormalities body. It’s pretty intuitive.

The basis used by the electric motor 2 with a total capacity of 700 W (350 W each). Meals are prepared by built-in lithium-ion batteries.

RevoBot - personal vehicle

The product differs from many competitors? On board, there is a speaker for listening to music. In the role of sound source advocates smart rider.

Synchronization is carried out for Bluetooth – appropriate adapter available. In addition, the board is equipped with a cute LED.

The price pre-order is from 585 dollars. The release is expected in September this year. If developers will collect the necessary sum, of course.

Source: indiegogo

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