MWC 2015 Sony will not new flagship

MWC 2015 Sony will not new flagship

MWC 2015 Sony will not new flagship

At that time, as, like pancakes with pans, the assembly lines of Chinese companies flies more and more new models of smartphones, the A-brands continue to experience hard times. All indications are that the Japanese giant Sony is unlikely to present at the MWC March 2015 its long-awaited flagship.

Flagship smartphone Sony traditionally appeared on store shelves in late March. But this year something went wrong. The first bell became the December “leakage”: the media leaked correspondence employees, from which it followed that the Sony Xperia Z4 will be released only in May / November 2015. CES 2015 in the wake of this correspondence safely forgotten, inspired teaser Sony, have come to expect updates Xperia line in January.

In addition, total calm around worrying trends. Since the leaked correspondence did not have any leaks relating to the flagship.

And finally, last week, Sony confirmed that it is about to launch last year’s Xperia Z3 in magenta, which demonstrates the desire to refresh the model and draw attention to it, as to attract more it seems there is nothing.

Recall also that Sony is serious losses, and therefore in October was forced to lay off 1,000 employees. Today it was announced that the next wave of layoffs is coming – it is planned to cut another 1,000 people are employed in the mobile business. First of all affected employees from Europe and China. There are already, of course, to the flagship …

It is expected that the flagship Xperia Z4 will get a 64-bit, eight Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810 with 2.8 GHz and Adreno 430 graphics accelerator, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. The screen will grow to 5.5 inches, and its resolution is 2560h1440, but the other leak indicates the use of the display with a diagonal of 5.2 inches.


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