Motorcycles G: If the status LED does not work, the solution is a free app

The Moto G has the status LED? The answer is yes but you may not realize ever! The reason is simple: as you buy the smartphone, the reset or otherwise make the first initial setup, after putting the data in your Google Account, you may disable the notification LED. The fault is obviously not yours, but it is a small bug that is more common than you think that not only the Moto G is afflicted.

If, therefore, no LED does not flash, you may reactivate it by simply installing the official application of Motorola Mobility LLC. called Notification Light Widget. It is a micro utility that does nothing but turn on the LED may turn off after the first configuration. Once reactivated, the program Notification Light Widgets can also be eliminated as no longer necessary. So the LED on Moto G is there but if you do not see is not a problem …

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