Hard Reset Moto X 2nd gen

Hard Reset Moto X 2nd gen

Hard reset (also called wipe) is a complete reset settings and data. This feature cleared the folder /data and /cache, ie, removes all installed applications, reset all system settings. The partition system is not changed, so if you install drivers in folder system, then after a Hard reset Moto X 2nd gen, they will remain.

99% of people use stock recovery to Hard Reset Moto X 2nd gen. Also recovery has a function of the installation zip archives, but it can only install files signed by Motorola, so usually it is not used. Manufacturer very rarely produces something in a zip to the stock recovery, mainly because all updates are installed over the air.

How to hard reset Moto X 2nd gen

So today we’ll find out how to hard reset Moto X 2nd gen.

  1. Make sure your Moto X 2nd gen is turned off.
  2. Press and hold «Volume Down» button and «Power» button for a few seconds.
  3. Then you need to use the same «Volume Down» button to enter Recovery, and then press the «Volume Up» button.Hard Reset Moto X 2nd gen
  4. As soon as you will see Android logo, press «Power» button.
  5. Use «Volume Down» to scroll down and «Power» button to select.
  6. Select «wipe data / factory reset» and press «Power» button.Hard Reset Moto X 2nd gen
  7. Now click «YES – delete all user data». Smartphone will begin to reset to factory settings.
  8. When the operation will be completed, click «Reboot», and your Moto X 2nd gen will reboot.

Also, you can hard reset Moto X 2nd gen gen through the phone’s menu, but this method is not recommended.

  • «Settings»> «Privacy»> «Factory data reset»Hard Reset Moto X 2nd gen

We hope that you were able to solve your problems with the help of hard reset Moto X 2nd gen. Finally, we note that Motorola Moto X 2nd gen is good enough smartphone. Moreover, Moto X 2nd gen is considered one of the best smartphones in 2015 and, thanks to a couple of unique features it is not inferior to some of its main competitors in the market.

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