MOS Reach Go - portable battery for laptop

MOS Reach Go – portable battery for laptop

Company MOS figured out how to stand out from the competition. It presented a unique portable battery for laptop on 15 000 mAh. The novelty, according to developers to easily charge the laptop.

Moreover, the power supply makes it fast, not yielding to the network adapter speed. A real boon for owners of laptops.

The release is expected in October this year. The price is $ 99.

The main feature of portable battery for laptop

MOS Reach Go - portable battery for laptop

How did you manage to achieve the above? The creators did not skimp on the power controller. At the heart of Reach Go – a powerful solution from Etron 100 watts.

A nice bonus: the level of energy is easy to follow with the help of the LED on the body (in the form of a pie chart).

Of course, it supported not only computers. Fits any mobile gadgets – smartphones, tablets. To connect the ports are USB: two Type A and one Type C. In addition, the product plays the role of a hub USB 3.0.

Another important point – Reach Go restored in just 4 hours (from the wall). Record figure for this type of devices.

Source: slashgear

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